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On educating, we achieve this under these programmes:

We work closely with secondary school educators, universities, and STEM oriented institute in designing and implementing academic activities that promotes the uptake of mathematics and create awareness on the numerous impactful career path that a degree in Mathematics can bring.

  1. Math Club: The purpose of the math club is to increase the interest of students in mathematics, with the hope that they would go on to pursue careers in fields tangential to mathematics. This would be achieved with our series of programmes laid out for the students to introduce them to the different exciting fields of mathematics. We work with secondary school students through our Maths Club initiative. This initiative will kick-start with the pilot scheme targeting two states in Nigeria. Three schools are selected based on the availability of manpower in each school.
  2. International Olympiad: We intend to increase participation in the Mathematics Olympiad competitions. Our reason for this is to develop more capacities to improve the representation of Nigerian high school students at the international Olympiad competitions. Our goal is to set up a dedicated tutoring/grooming of identified potential students in preparing them for the thoroughness of the Olympiad curriculum. This programme will establish a channel between university lecturers of mathematics, past Olympiad scholars and the students.
  3. Teacher training: We work with teachers and educational institutions to keep them updated with relevant advances in Mathematics that can be incorporated into their curriculum. We set up a professional teaching course for mathematics teachers in partnership with African Institute for Mathematical Science School Enrichment Center (AIMSSEC).
  4. Tutoring project: We liaise with secondary schools to offer seasonal tutorials. We have University undergraduate volunteers who undertake this project (on our behalf) with the said mathematics teachers at each school. This project is particularly intended for low performing students of mathematics.
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  • Certificate of Engagement
  • Mentorship
  • Mobilization Fee


  • CGPA 3.5 and above
  • Location: Ibadan/Ekiti
  • Basic IT Skills
  • 2 Character References
  • 1 Academic Reference

Mode of Application


  • Undertaking Training
  • Facilitate and assist in math club affairs
  • Liaising with regional coordinators of CHRISTAD Foundation
  • Implementing activity-based exercises