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Overview Of Foundation

The foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in memory Mrs Christianah Olubunmi Adekanmbi and Ms Adesola Kehinde Soetan who were respectively the grandmother and mother of Oluwakemi Adewumi. The nomenclature CHRISTAD came about from the concatenation of the deceased names.

While the broad scope of the foundation is to offer helping hands to people in dire need, one of its main initiatives is centered on spurring the interest of students (particularly young ones) in Mathematics. This is in collaboration with Baum Tempers Research. Also, the foundation hope to create awareness on the numerous impactful career path that a degree in Mathematics can bring.

To educate, help, build and mentor.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

We work with teachers and educational institutions to keep them updated with relevant advances in Mathematics that can be incorporated into their curriculum.

We Help

We provide examination aids such as mathematical-set, scientific-calculators etc. to participating schools. These aids are mostly to be made available to students writing O’level examinations.

We Build

Building capacity for our undergraduate volunteers by recommending them to partnering industries for internships and other open opportunities.

We Mentor

We work closely with people with mathematics backgrounds in different industries to deliver career-oriented discussions with our math club members.


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Madam Christianah Olubunmi Adekanmbi (Nee Adegboyega) was born into the family of Pa Joseph and Abigeal Adegboyega on the 10th of November, 1932 at Oke-ore in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

She had her primary school education at Lemo primary school, Abeokuta. She received her secondary level education at Modern school Owode, Abeokuta where she specialised in teaching and domestic science which involved: catering, dress making and mid-wifery. Christanah got married at Abeokuta in 1955 and raised several children.

Madam Christianah ran a free maternity home where she practiced her profession as a mid-wife and helped those who could not afford to pay hospital bills. She also had a fashion business where she coached and mentored several workers. She was a good leader, one who could not separate her motherly attributes from leadership. She was soft and tender, yet principled.

Madam Christianah was an uncompromising disciplinarian who could not tolerate laziness, rudeness, or deceit. She was known for all good works was hardworking, energetic, creative, and passionate about everything she did.

She lived a good life radiating genuine love towards her fellow women; she was tolerant, kind, a peacemaker with self-control. She was accommodating and hospitable, often bending backward to unimaginable extent to please people.

Serving was her lifestyle. She served all. She served everyone who was privileged to meet her during her days on earth. She served with her resources. She was selfless to the core and impacted everyone she met – either by words or her kind deeds.

She was a first-class planner and a remarkable executor of brilliant ideas, yet she was a complete bundle of humility. Despite her accomplishments, she counted it a privilege to have impacted many lives. She worked hard and was rewarded for all her good works. Love, commitment, and passion were her watchwords.

Her philosophy about life was:

Life is a Trust, and everything you have been givenbe it position, wisdom, financial resources, are for others. You are entrusted because you are trusted, do not betray trust”.

She believed in the supernatural God and served him during her lifetime. She discharged her roles as mother, wife, leader and boss with fear, trembling and the consciousness that life is a trust, and we are accountable.

Christianah Olubunmi Adekanmbi died on the 5th of November, 2010 and was survived by several children and grand-children.

Madam Kehinde Adesola Soetan and her twin brother Mr. Taiwo Adekunle Soetan were born into the family of Pa Engineer Nathaniel Olufemi and Ma Christianah Olubunmi  Soetan on the 28th of April, 1960 at Ikija in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. 

She had her primary school education at IMD primary school, Mokola Ibadan afterwards she proceeded to Anglican Commercial School, Oke Bola Ibadan for her secondary school education. She trained as a secretary and practiced in the same profession with Nigeria’s legacy broadcasting institution, The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

In her lifetime, Madam Adesola was known to be loving and caring and would go out of her way to help others. She was very industrious, determined, trustworthy and principled, even though this came across as her being strong-willed.

Madam Kehinde Adesola Soetan served the Lord and her local church faithfully. She loved cleaning the church, was very polite and her humility was second to none; it was 100%.

Sadly, Madam Adesola passed away in the year 2003 leaving behind her parents, siblings and her daughter Dr. (Mrs) Oluwakemi Imole Adewumi (Nee Kolawole).


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